About me

Hewwo, I'm Codinget (or Codi for short), and I'm a catgirl develper and linux sys/netadmin

I spend most of my time writing random programs or libraries, and tweaking the system on my laptop and server. Sometimes I do useful stuff, and sometimes it's just cursed (and sometimes both)

Hopefully one day I'll reincarnate as a true catgirl, or science and society will progress enough to allow me to become one

How it all went down

I blame all of this on child me watching Code Lyoko and on my dad teaching me HTML when I was 10.
This quickly led to me learning CSS, Javascript and PHP, and falling down the programming rabbit hole.
Next thing I know I'm doing Lua on ComputerCraft and Java on the side and my laptop now dual-boots linux.
I have also always had way too much interest for how things worked, so countless hours were spent reading Wikipedia and RFCs and reimplementing things from scratch, from HTTP to VNC to schedulers.
From there it didn't take long for me to start C, start linux sysadmin (on Debian) and drop windows altogether.
Along the way I picked up SQL, discovered Moonscript and Rust, and learned some Python and C++, and here I am now.
And this is sadly only the beginning as I plan to learn Zig and Haskell and read more about type theory.